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The lady then says “Oh, is she yours, too?!”The look on her face when we explained was worth how shitty it felt at the time.citrus_sequin 41 points submitted 1 month agoI used to love that show (What Not to Wear), although I later looked back on it and realized it was mostly garbage. I mean, I all for makeovers that take a woman who has given up, usually out of exhaustion from work/kids/life, and help her find her groove again so she can feel attractive and worthy of clothing without mystery stains and unintentional rips, but I guess that strategy alone wasn enough to keep a show running. Perhaps because of that, they mixed in a lot of what I consider their worst episodes: the ones where they took women who were putting in real effort and just had styles that were eccentric and not to the liking of friends who nominated them for the show and turned them into bland copies of all the other episodes.

I like Bumble because I know it expected of me. And if he doesn respond, then he not that into me and he gets deleted. No hard feelings. Things with zero weight are as good as cash in those games, particularly when you getting good deals from vendorsHaha no. I went to college and got an English degree with a focus in creative writing. Graduated and couldn’t find a job and realized I needed a better plan.

This is the reason behind all the advice to compare yourself only to where you been, not to other people. Are you better than when you started? Document, at a minimum, your PR and preferably all of your workouts so that you can look back objectively when you get discouraged. Try to focus on enjoying and being disciplined in the day to day process, and be patient.

6 Beat up egg white stiff, adding a few drops of witch hazel and apply over the puffy area of the eyes with a face brush. It will tighten the skin around the eye area and make the puffiness appear less prominent. The witch hazel will ensure that the egg white does not dry too soon..

When I watch you come from a car and/or pull out your cellphone looking to see if anybody watching. No. Just no. They got a pension from the Navy, a pension from his years at Ford motor company, million in savings and their social security. They go out and do WTF they want. Way different world back then.

If he ever wants to leave Roshar after killing honor and cultivation, he cant have invested too much stuff. So far the only “permanent” thing weve seen him invest is the unmade. Voidlight is him but its “used up” and returns to him.. It inspired me to look at my bedroom which is next to the bath that may get major changes (and needs some insulation issues fixed) so it only getting minor cosmetic changes in case I have to rip drywall out to fix it. I shopped the rest of the house and stole furniture that fit better in here (ottoman, table) and found a used dresser online that just needed the drawers fixed up. Just adding art and having those improved storage options and taming my closet a little made the room so much better.

Workers, and Life Skills. Workers are deployed to farms, mines, forests, etc, to harvest crafting ingredients for you. You feed them beer, they do this for you for hours. The kids scream at and ignore the parents, and the parents do nothing. They almost seem like they afraid of the kids. Also, the 5 year old is having trouble in school because he doesn listen to his teachers and doesn do his homework.

A random sample of current court cases found that schools are being sued for everything from a Georgia elementary teacher’s strip search of her class after she found $26 missing from her wallet to a Texas school policy of random drug testing of students participating in extracurricular activities. In Ohio, a teacher was sued for looking down the pants of a student suspected of stealing cash. In that case, a federal district court found that the teacher violated the student’s Fourth Amendment rights..

If you just hire an ‘engineering firm’ to do everything this will cost you a bloody fortune. As a contractor, typically we do all the design work and then submit our design to the engineering company I work with. I have a really good handle on what they want to see and often submit a 3d model, but not always.

Joint retirement or just her taking a break until he passes? They left that kind of ambiguous.Daisy calling Mack the Director almost almost brings her back off my list. She was teeth grittingly frustrating this season. But it does feel like some balance has been restored to the team again.

In the current era we have access to so many different forms of motorsport that we can easily make comparisons to why one form is currently better than another and I really think most forms of racing as an entertainment product are cyclical. Back in the mid 90s Indycar was the premier series in the US and I watched it as much as I could. Then Tony George happened and NASCAR took the helm as the major series here.

It can of course be because that the bust has slipped down a bit due to gravity effect over the years and in that case your bust is located below the larger part of the blouse. But that problem can be easily solved with a firm push up bra! And if that was the reason to blouse gaps, the gaps would only occur on older women and that’s not so! So, that can’t be the reason. But that was what I thought for many years.

As we driving home I slouched down in the passengers seat with my sunglasses on, tears slowly trickling out from under them while taking the tiniest nibbles from the burrito. I was crushed while my SO was laughing his ass off at me crying over a burrito. As I ate more of it I realized I actually like burritos!When I went to see the latest Star Wars movie there was an obscenely American girl (this was not in America, and I was surprised an American would suffer the subtitles) sitting behind me just sort of absentmindedly chattering sotto voce with her friend, clearly not paying much attention.

From 2008 to 2014 he served as Vice President, Product, for AppFolio Property Manager. Prior to joining AppFolio, Mr. Randall served in various leadership and product development positions, including Senior Director, Product Management, at ExpertCity, Inc., which was acquired by Citrix Systems, Inc.

Proud Leo, you are the most regal sign of the zodiac and deserve the very best. Your specialized diet is to eat caviar for every meal whilst beams of sunlight glow around your very essence as you sit on your throne peering down at your peons, um, family. You choose the type of caviar, and you can also choose the vehicle by which it gets transported to your mouth, such as, perfectly cut toast points or imported crackers.

I barely talked with my dad and rarely saw him. I really knew very little about his life. Anytime I spoke with him he wouldn tell me anything about how he was, only asked about me and ranted about the shitty government and how the world is going to hell and kept phone conversations to 5 minutes..

This is doubtless skewed somewhat low, but although I can find any legit StatsCan data, the random recent news articles I can find talk about $70 90k as being typical in Canada (so presumably $80 110k ish in Toronto).Yes you can find 100k+ jobs in Toronto, but you not making an easy 150k+ like was being implied by the “unless you a software developer who job hops” comment. If all you see is 100k+ software jobs then you live in a bubble.IT departments have gotten really bloated. Used to be you had computer savvy people who came from different walks of life (as long as they had some relevant education or experience), and they were trusted to cobble together solutions and weren interfered with too much by management.
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