Etude Home I Want You Lemon Extract Sheet Mask

As in, it seems to be like how a person with naturally fair skin looks like. This nice powder keeps your matte and moisturized thanks to the natural plant extracts. On prime of using it as a finishing powder, it can be used on the eyelids as an eyeshadow primer, on the hair as a sebum absorber, 바카라사이트 also as an deodorant (!? based on their official site!). I think that is similar to Innisfree’s No-Sebum unfastened powder. Similar to the powder above, this compact powder additionally absorbs excess sebum to maintain the shine beneath control.

Nonetheless, this is gonna be more handy since it is in a pressed powder form, making it travel pleasant. The name of the product describes its texture explicitly – it is gentle like a dough? The blush is formulated with a bunch of fruit extracts packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Available in 4 shades. If you happen to notice the design on the packaging, it tells you the shade color according to the fruit on the pudding. So we’ve got grapefruit (01), plum (02), apricot (03), and cherry (04).

Is not it cute! An eyeshadow quad consisting of a mixture of matte, satin, and shimmery eye shadows, out there in two colour variations. 01 Red VELVET is a pink toned brown palette, carrying shades of copper and oxidized iron. 02 TIRAMISU is a neutral brown palette, housing shades of gold and mocha. The sponge is shaped to fit each a part of your face completely: the sharper end for nooks and crannies just like the facet of your nostril, and the flatter bottom for flatter surfaces just like the cheeks and forehead.

A set of mini hand creams (30g each), it comes in three “flavours”, custard, sherbet, and cream cheese. They are additionally available individually for 3000 gained every. In common skin tone phrases.. I battle to find a product that fits me. I’m on the hunt for a product that might be the perfect fit for My Pale Skin. Packaging: The Concealer has a inbuilt brush applicator, with a twist bottom that brings the product up by way of the brush.

It has a pretty secure lid that clicks shut. Coverage: I would say that the product offers a medium protection which is construct-ready. Color: There are six shades within the vary with Ivory Beige being the lightest cool toned product. It applies fairly yellow on the skin as it is designed to be used as a ‘brightening’ concealer which might mask and brighten up dark circles. End: I found the finish to be dewy. It applies evenly, without wanting ‘cakey’.